POWERGRID Warora Transmission Limited

(Location: Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh)
Transmission system associated with Gadarwara STPS (2x800 MW) of NTPC
Incorporation date
5 August 2014
TSA date
9 February 2015
Transmission license issue date
5 August 2015
Commercial Operation Date
July 2018
Remaining TSA tenure
29.28 years as on 31.03.2024
Gross block
INR 23,558 million as on 31.03.2024
Transmission lines/Substations Location Line length / Transformation capacity Specifications Contribution to total transmission charges
Interim arrangement * Madhya Pradesh 30.55 ckm 765 kV D/C 21.00%
Gadarwara STPS-Jabalpur Pool Madhya Pradesh 173.92 ckm 765 kV D/C
LILO of both circuits of Wardha -Parli (PG) 400kV D/C line at Warora Pooling Station (Quad) Maharashtra 196.29 ckm 400 kV D/C 79.00%
Gadarwara STPS-New Pooling Station within the jurisdiction/ boundary of Warora Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra 627.35 ckm 765 kV D/C
2x1500 MVA, 765/400 kV (New Pooling Station within the jurisdiction/ boundary Warora) Maharashtra 3,000 MVA 765/400kV Substation

* ( As per the interim arrangement, LILO of existing Seoni-Bina 765kV S/C line at Gadarwara STPS would be established. At a later date, LILO portion would be delinked from Seoni-Bina 765kV S/C line to restore the Seoni-Bina 765 S/C direct line, and the LILO portion would be extended to the Jabalpur 765/400 kV Pooling Station to form the proposed Gadarwara 765/400kV Pooling Station to form the proposed Gadarwara-Jabalpur Pool 765 kV D/C line.)